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We help you to manage and support your people in terrain

It started in 2012…

We had dozens of people in the terrain, providing maintenance and construction services and every day we were strugling with monitoring the daily progress with at least some bulletproof evidence.

We were longing for a tool which would be simple enough and would help us to get to know what was done, by whom, where and when. That was enough for us to sleep well. And so we created Aleebi.

We were using it iternally for couple of years and in 2017 we decided to offer it to our friends. Soon, it proved it can be really helpful and so we decided to work on it a bit more and try to go live for the rest of the world. And so here we are.

Aleebi Team Proudly… with Love

You can only trust in what you see.

How it works

… yes, it really is so easy …

Start now

Create a template you need to be filled in out in the terrain.

Adjust anytime

Simply add users and adjust everything on the go

Let them work

Tell users to download …

Stay informed

Sit and watch what, when, where and how your people do and focus on where you can support them.

People love how much of their time
ALEEBI saves.

Use cases


  • Construction companies
  • Maintenance companies
  • Facility management
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Outdoor services

  • Billboards
  • Package delivery
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  • Car repair shops
  • Pick up places
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Long to know more? Check out our features.


Manage from anywhere

  • User management
  • Form builder
  • Email notifications

Use in terrain

  • Both Android and iOS app
  • GPS, Timestamps, IMEI
  • Offline mode

Review, decide and support

  • Dashboard / Listing view
  • Advanced filtering
  • Timeline


History proved that every use case is individual and so based on best experience and to save your time we offer 2 options for which we are ready to provide pricing.


We ususaly agree on a pilot phase (4-12 months) where we have a chance to get to know each other, spend some time with your people and understand the cornerstones of our potential further cooperation. For such time we are ready to provide the application with a discount. We are, of course limited with the number of users, projects and customisation. If you spend 1 minute filling this form, we wil get back to you very soon with pricing.

Business as usual

If you feel like using the application after the pilot phase, we will be very happy and will provide individual pricing. It will be based on numer of users, number of templates and projects, number of pre-paid disk space (if not run on your own infrastructure), level of maintenance and support, number of trainings and required customisation. If you feel that you want Aleebi right away without the Pilot phase, we are thrilled to provide the pricing right away.

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